September Sunset photos

September 22, 2013  •  Dejar un comentario

Panorámica Posta de Sol Canido 21 de Setembro 2013 IPanorámica Posta de Sol Canido 21 de Setembro 2013 I

    I´m thinking that the summer has not ended yet. Yesterday I had a nice surprise with a awesome and amazing Sunset. In this case I was ready to take these pictures. I was watching the forecast for these days and I hoped that the miracle would take place. And it happened!

   There was other photographer, with the same intention like me (in the same place, obviously). And he was enjoying the show, for sure. Then I was thinking in all the photos took that evening with smartphones, tablets and all kind of gadgets to save pictures in a small space of memory. Maybe thousands? I don´t know but I guess that lot of them will be forgotten in one day, or less.

   This is a small piece of the big cake called Sunset. I took 46 photographs, all beautiful pictures, and It´s difficult to decide just one of them. But I will try to not forget any of them.

Take pleasure,


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